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Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog needing a manners tune up, we have a class for you!

We specialize in customizing classes and lessons to fit the individual needs of our clients. Our trainers are experienced in working with dogs of all levels and breeds. Private instruction also available. 



$210 for 6 Classes

For puppies under 5 months old

Six week class

All puppies should have had their first puppy shot.

This is a great first class to start out with your puppy! We teach you the basics in how to raise and train your puppy. Learn to avoid common mistakes in training and management that can save you from future problems.

Our focus is on building a relationship, keeping training fun and positive and making sure all of your training and behavior questions are answered. We will lay the foundation for all future training and will also have puppy socialization.


In this class you will learn to teach your puppy:

​1. Basic Commands: sit, down, stand, settle and a release command

2. Name recognition and recall foundations

3. Going to crate

4. Leash manners

**It is very important to train and socialize your puppy early.

"The risk of your puppy developing serious behavior problems from being poorly socialized is far greater than that of infectious disease."

Read this article for more information.

View the statement from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior Here 



$25 per class

Start your puppy off with some positive puppy play pals. This socialization experience is an hour of puppy fun and learning! This is a great option to do while you wait for Puppy Kindergarten class to start, or to do in addition to your puppy's class. 

We’ll watch the pups play, practice calming down, play some more, talk about a puppy focus topic, play some more, answer questions about raising a puppy, then end with more play time.
Limited to nine puppies, 11 weeks to five months of age.

Puppies required to have kennel cough and two distemper/parvo vaccines and a negative fecal including giardia screening.

Puppies may be divided based on size, age or energy at instructor’s discretion.

The puppy focus topic will rotate each week, see our schedule for the topic each week. 

Topics will include - mouthing and biting, housebreaking, polite greetings, socialization, recalls, possessiveness prevention, crate training, grooming, boredom busters. 



$210 for 6 Classes

This class is for all dogs over 5 months.

​This is a six week, on-leash obedience class for dogs of all ages. This class teaches basic obedience commands such as good leash manners, sit, down, come. We keep our classes small so you and your dog can get more individual attention during class. 

The goal is to train the dog to respond using only one command and using a loose leash.

If you have issues that would be disruptive in a class environment, such as reactivity, lack of control, or aggression, please contact us for private lessons prior to enrolling.


Image by Laura Chica

$300 for 6 Classes

From crazy to calm, barky to quiet, fearful to confident. This class is for dogs who need help managing reactivity and impulse control.


Learn techniques and skills to change your dog’s emotional and behavioral responses to stimulus and stressors. What are your dog’s triggers? Dogs? People? Bikes?

Class size is limited to six dogs so exercises can be customized to each dog’s triggers.

Course schedule, six sessions over eight weeks, allows for practice and progress.

After completing the the six class session, we offer Calm Canine Continues Drop In Classes to maintain and practice the skills you learned in class. 



Need a deep dive on certain training topics? We have 90 minute workshops on various topics to focus on the skills your dog needs. 

With Me! - This workshop focuses on walking nicely on leash.

Hi! - This workshop focuses on polite greetings. 

Mine! - This workshop focus on leave-it skills. 

Here! - This workshop focuses on coming when called. 

View a schedule using the sign up link below. 


Image by Marliese Streefland

$125 for the first 60 minute lesson. 

$100 for any follow up lessons. 

Private lessons are available to give you and your dog personalized and individualized training time. We offer private lessons for all levels and for competition and rally. 

Privates are great options is you can't make normal class hours or if your dog doesn't do well in a group setting. 

Depending on your needs, we will either bring the class curriculum to you or we can customize your training based off of what you and your dog are struggling with the most.  We can customize your training schedule, you can choose the number of classes and how often we meet

Email to make an appointment -



$210 for 6 Classes

Gold Star's Beginning Obedience class is a prerequisite for the Intermediate class.

This class expands on the training from the beginning class. We'll work toward off leash control and build distance, distractions and duration on all exercises. Some of the additional exercises include drop on recall, go to rug and finishes.




$210 for 6 Weeks

This class is for dogs who have completed the Intermediate class or with instructor approval.

CGC is a ten-skill training program that’s open to all dogs–purebred and mixed breed–that focuses on teaching the basics of good manners and obedience, instilling the values of responsible ownership, and strengthening the bond between you and your dog at home and out in the community. 
This six week class prepares dogs and owners to pass the CGC test which is given on the last night of class. 
Do you and your dog love to be the life of the party by showing off his arsenal of tricks? Then he might be perfectly primed to earn AKC Trick Dog titles!
This class will also cover teaching tricks to earn your dog their trick dog title.  
More info on about these tests here


Image by Mathis Jrdl

$210 for 6 classes

For puppies up to one year. 

Six Week Class


The AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy is an exciting program designed to get dog owners and their puppies off to a great start. This class is a good follow up to our Puppy Kindergarten class. We follow the American Kennel Club curriculum with the S.T.A.R Puppy test on the final night of class.


Read more about the program here 

**It is very important to train and socialize your puppy early. Read this article for more information

Happy Hound Husbandry 

Clinical Dog Examination

$225 for 6 Classes

Helping our dogs be comfortable with the care they will need at home, the vet and groomer is one of the kindest skill sets you can teach your dog. We will be teaching skills leading to calm nail trims, willing medications, relaxed restraint, brushing, muzzling and more.

Dogs that have been excused from the grooming salon or need to be medicated to visit the vet are encouraged to register.

Level 1 will lay the foundation; Level 2 will further develop husbandry skills.

Some individual supplies required, list will be sent after registration.

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