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Terri and the other trainers at GoldStar provide excellent dog training because they each have depth of experience and knowledge. It’s been fun to watch Terri grow her business and more importantly to take classes offered by GoldStar Instructors. Plus, get to hang out and benefit from watching other Performers who consistently do well in trials.

Barbara L. Via Google Review

Gold Star has been the perfect answer for us and our golden retriever pup from puppy daycare to classes to boarding! Staff and management have been beyond helpful and kind - always professional!
Highly recommend!

Jan C. Via Google Review

My rescue pup, Abby, was a terrified, abused 3 month old pup when we got her. I started her at Gold Star Dog School within a month of bringing her home. She has see huge improvement even though we missed several classes.
I was involved in a head on collision and wasn't able to perform the classes with Abby so I decided to start her coming to Day Care on occasions with a little extra one-on-one time with Terri. Abby would come home so relaxed and ready to just hang out with me while I recovered. Her fear response was much lower, she is becoming much more reliable in her "recall". I highly recommend anyone with a dog that is just sitting at home, a rescue that needs socializing or a puppy that needs to learn manners and respect to go to day care and or receive some one-on-one time. They learn from the other, well behaved and socialized dogs as to what is expected and to not fear....This is a great team to have and a great way of providing a well rounded and happy life for your pup.

Kathy C. via Google Reviews

Terri has decades of experience in training both for home manners obedience and competition obedience or rally. She's a walking book of knowledge, and applies what she knows with care to the individual dog. She's just a lot of fun to train under. The dogs love her and respond with eagerness to please.

Linda H. via Facebook Reviews

Terri is very passionate about training the dogs and owners. We have been going to Terri from puppy to intermediate, including earning our CGC. I'm looking forward to other classes she might offer.

Doggie care is very personal to our family. We trust Andy and Terri with our puppy, they are wonderful care givers during the day and overnights and extended stays.

Lisa C. via Facebook Reviews

Terri is a patient, and understanding instructor. After owning and “training” my dogs for 40yrs, Terri has made me a more competent trainer that has led to more happy and obedient dogs that are welcome anywhere.

Everyone has always thought my dogs were well behaved, but I never had one of “those” dogs that everyone is in awe of. That’s what our dogs are like now, and it’s easy with Terri’s help.

This is something I can honestly say is worth every penny! You won’t be disappointed.

Andy R. via Facebook Reviews

Excellent training facility with a fantastic trainer! All inclusive training from puppy classes, canine good citizen testing, all levels of rally and all levels of obedience- both AKC and UKC. Great for people new to the competition world of dog sports as well as experienced competitors.

Lynne K. via Google Review

Terri is the best! I found her after struggling through 4-5 other training places that didn't work well for me or my dog. I've taken two of my dogs through her entire course and will continue to go to her for training. I also highly recommend her to my puppy people and a number of them have gone to her as well. Terri is incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and has a keep eye for dog behavior; A++ trainer all the way around.

Annie S. via Facebook Review

We just picked up our two goldens from a 5 day stay at Gold Star Boarding. I’m always nervous to leave my dogs someplace new. But Terri and Andy are first rate as well as experienced. The dogs got to be in a home environment set on 5 acres. Experienced new sights, smells & animals they’ve never been around before. We could see them before they saw us and they looked so at ease. My girls were well cared for, loved have come back to us happy and tired! Thank you Terri and Andy!

Diana via Google Review

Terri has been training my dogs for 12 years now. We have gone through puppy, obedience and Rally classes. She is kind, patient and is fantastic at evaluating each dog. When we had a 2 year old "challenging" pup she was a life saver and all lived happily ever after....after some training. Her classes are very reasonable and the learning environment is always positive. We highly recommend her!

Anita M. via Facebook Review

My dog is learning lots at Gold Star Dog School. Teacher Terri loves dogs, you can tell by the way the dogs all love her! We especially appreciate her attention to precision and detail in preparing her students for dog competitions.

Eva via Google Review

Have gone to 2 courses and am very pleased with the kind, gentle, patient teaching. Plan to continue my puppies education. The training has been effective not only for my girl, but for me as well. Definitely worthy of your time and finances.

Geri via Google Reviews

We had a little dog who liked to bark at everyone, who didn't listen and who was still not potty trained (maybe some attitude) Now she is so much happier and let's people approach without them reeling their hand in fearfully when she would once scream before. The vet office couldn't believe the difference in her demenor and even asked what in the world we did to change her behavior so greatly. It was the folks here at Gold Star Dog School! Always very helpful and friendly and our little stubborn puppy is now much happier (as are we!!). Thanks!

Jamie via Google Reviews

I have been working with Terri for over a year and she has been an integral part of getting my GSD trained. She is a font of knowledge, has infinite patience and had been more than willing to accommodate my schedule. I've worked with a few other trainers. one of which was totally useless, and Terri outshines them all. My dog will be testing for his CGC in November and thanks to Terri, I have no doubt he'll pass with flying colors. If you're looking for a trainer/facility, look no further. Gold Star and Terri Kaluza are the best

Shawn via Google Reviews

My daughter and her border collie took beginning and intermediate dog classes from Terri-amazing class. She is so knowledgeable with dogs and works with handlers great!
My other daughter and her German Shepherd pup took a puppy class from Terri-another amazing class even with a lot of different types of dogs, ages of handlers. My daughter learned a lot from her class.
Then my daughter took a private training from Terri in how to handle an assertive barking German Shepherd and how to train to correct the behavior. Very worth the private session fee.
We highly recommend Terri for any dog obedience type class!!

Sarah E. via Facebook Reviews

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