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If you're interested in competing with your dog and earning titles we offer all levels competition and rally obedience classes. If you're just starting out, or need some freshening, up we have the class for you! 



$140 for 4 classes

Rally is a fun class to take after your dog has the basics of sit, down, walking on leash and coming when called. Rally involves performing tasks posted on signs, as you follow a specific course. Similar to rally-style auto racing. Challenging and fun we offer all levels from Intro to rally thru Master level.



$140 for 4 classes

This class is for dogs that have done the Skills and Drills class and are working on learning and perfecting the novice obedience exercises. They may have already been in the ring or close to being ready to compete.



$140 for 4 classes

This class is for the dog that is either already in the ring or very close to being ready. We rotate weeks working CD and open/utility exercises.



$140 for 4 classes. 

Classes limited to 5 dogs. 

This class covers essential foundation skills for puppies who will have a future in dog sports, like agility or competition obedience and rally. Puppies will learn games and behavior to set them up for success as future competition dogs. 

The first session is 6 weeks, if you wish to continue with training you can join into one of the 4 weeks repeater classes.
Skills Covered Include - 
Body Awareness
Impulse Control
Flat Work and Recalls
Crate Games
Play and Engagement Games
Toy and Food Training Mechanics



$140 for 4 classes

If you're just starting out, if you need a refresher or just need to work some structured foundation drills this is the class for you. We'll teach finding heel and front position, body awareness exercises, pivots, targeting, building drive through games and more.

Start Me Up!


$210 for 6 classes

Does your dog offer focus, cooperation, and enthusiasm for work, or do you constantly have to plead for your dog’s attention while they are looking around or sniffing the ground?
Does your dog actively engage with you to get what they want, or do they only give you attention when you are telling them what to do or luring them with rewards?

If you answered yes to the second part of these questions, this class is for you! Whether you are new to dog sports or have experience and want to improve, this class is great for all levels. You will learn how to build a motivated and engaging relationship with your dog through simple games that will take your training and performance to a new level. Perfect for dogs who struggle to focus or seem disinterested in training.
This class is also great for dogs who have over-arousal issues or who may have trouble focusing because they are obsessed with the toy.

You will learn how to:
*Motivate your dog to want to work with you.
*Use body language and verbal cues to build interest and excitement.
*Use clear communication to improve focus and manage arousal level.
*Take advantage of training loops to maintain engagement.

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