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Canine Massage - 

Vicky has been a  licensed small animal massage practitioner and FitPaws
Certified Master Trainer since 2015 with experience in fitness, massage
and warm-water swim for maintenance and recovery.  Massage and formal
exercise plans are not just for injury but are an important wellness
component for healthy, active dogs.

Your dog has body systems including muscles, joints, and bones
comparable to our own. To keep those body systems healthy, dogs need
exercise and support. My training with FitPaws allows me to assess your
dog and personalize a fitness program that can complement the training
of a canine athlete, support recovery from injury or medical procedure,
help geriatric pets live longer and fuller lives, and keep your pet dog
healthy and fit.

Canine massage further supports body systems by increasing circulation;
maintaining flexibility in joints, ligaments, and tendons; balancing
emotions; and promoting relaxation. Pet dogs, canine athletes, and
geriatric dogs greatly benefit from regular massage and bodywork.

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