Dog Guide Workshop - Leadership and Emotional Control

Sunday August 8th at 4pm - Sign Up

Is your dog overly exuberant? Ignoring you? Giving you more cues than you give them? This workshop is two intense hours of instruction on clear communication, leadership and emotional control for your dog. This workshop provides some instant help for rowdy behavior and lays the foundation for a more comfortable future for both you and your dog.  

Intro to Rally Workshop

Friday August 13 at 6pm or Friday August 27 at 12pm. - Sign Up 

This 2 hour workshop will introduce you and your dog to Rally Obedience. You will learn the basics of rally competition, how the signs work and what they mean, and how to apply basic obedience skills to novice level rally signs.
No prior competition experience necessary. 
This workshop is suitable for dogs that have basic obedience skills like sit, down and walking on a loose leash. Dogs must be able to work around other dogs with no barking or reactivity. 


Footwork and Cues 101 - Tuesday August 10 at 5:00pm - Sign Up

Footwork and Cues Part 2 - Friday August 27 at 5:00pm - Sign Up


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